The Evolve Website Design

Evolve Wellness recognised our dedicated wellness website solution would provide the most unique look feel, balanced with high-level promotions and best SEO on the market. The result of collaboration speaks for itself, and provides their users a complete self-service interface. Through our look and feel workshops, we recognised that Evolve Wellness could extend their brand and alignment to nature. We also recognised that users were confused by the 23 top level menu options. The design has been perfected to six sets of device resolutions, meaning every user sees exactly what they need, when they need it.

“...The design speaks for itself, but it’s the SEO and promotional functionality of the services from the MINDBODY API that will return their investment the fastest.....”

Douglas Breaks, MBO Advisor and Designer

Unique Website Design for Wellness Centres

The website has been designed to present the brand missions and key messages throughout, but in no stronger method than the home page. Unlike other promotional sliders, our presentation slides ensure the user reviews each message and promotion in place - and perfected on every single device.

Simplifying the Navigation and User Journey

A common problem with Wellness Centers are the number of top-level options to promote, from classes to retreats - then add substantial information on the centre, a blog, FAQs, login, social media, etc. the website sitemap can grow unwieldy, especially when organically added to over time. Evolve Wellness had such an issue, with 23 top level menu items. Our analysts worked with the Evolve Wellness project team, and reduced the menu to just 6-top level options - greatly improving new visitors navigation and expectation to register.

Guaranteeing Workshop Sales

With visitors focused on classes and the weekly schedule, the workshops and other events are often over looked with many students hearing about a workshop they would attend too late. This is why the Workshop Promoter was envisaged and used on the Evolve Wellness website. Perfectly formatted for every device, the list of featured events displays on top of the home page, with a simple tap-through interface that carousels through the events without the user moving a mouse of scrolling the screen - it must be used to be appreciated.

Google SEO on Every Service

With large and well established competitors in the local area, Evolve Wellness had struggled with organic keyword SEO. Their first feat in overcoming this was to select our solution which makes a landing page out of every single service and staff member. They then used our consultancy service to raise the SEO to another level. Recognising the key areas of competition, within three weeks of launch, we have reached number 1 on their highest grossing service… and constantly improving, with no additional spend.

Bespoke User Experience

The website also carried the best user experience techniques in place, from simplified mobile menus that are friendly to operation when travelling on busy metros or buses, through to maximising screen space with autohide and show masthead menu, and on to secondary menus that display when required, such as blog filtering which are always available to users when scrolling down through a list, such as blogs.

Automated MINDBODY CTA on Every landing Page

Landing pages are hard work. That’s why our solution automatically delivers them. Constantly updated with real-time booking options, all our service and people pages present exactly what the visitor will expect, plus easiest routes to register, once Evolve Wellness had setup the pages, they continue to work on their own, synchronising with MINDBODY API, and updating Google. 

Mobile Performance

Every page is a minimum of 99% on the Google Mobile User tests, plus perform at between 0.7 and 1.8-seconds over normal broadband. A testament to our stringent design methodology, hosted CMS, and integrated MINDBODY API.

Specialists in Yoga Retreat

As specialist in promoting retreats, our solution has allowed Evolve Wellness to display retreats from multiple sign-up methods, from online booking on MINDBODY, through to paypal, through to online application forms - although simply set on each retreat through our CMS.