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Photography from Darkness through to Light

The existing website had a dark element in part due to the colour range, but partly due to the images in use. A high priority was to capture a better representation of what we could only guess would be a light-streaming practise where a completely detached building sits upon a hill and filled to the ceiling with stained glass. When we arrived, we were not let down.

“...Really pleased with the photos and think they captured experience incredibly well.....”

Nichi Green, Founding Owner, The Yoga Space

Presenting The Experience

From a new visitor landing, through to registration and the purchase journeys - we knew we needed to convey the beauty and serenity the Shala passes on to the student.

  • Introduction to the deities on selecting the pricing option.
  • Down to the mat, and oak flooring guiding the user through registration, as the teacher does in the background.
  • Then on to making the payment… surrounded by students faces of students  in savasana, displaying the  benefits of the practise under the rays breaking through the stained glass.
  • And finally, eyes open, the order confirmed, and we are looking up to the beautiful deco ceiling.

Shooting for the Design and Practise

  • Knowledge of the practise helps capture the class at the right time.
  • Understanding the website layout helps ensure we have an image for every page and function.
  • Understanding RWD (Responsive Website Design) makes sure the image will still work on every device.

Capturing the light

  • The main concern was the light. We only had two classes in our shoot, and we were blessed with the sun streamed through on the evening and morning.
  • Stained glass, flares, silhouettes, and clearly defined shadows added to the postures and features of the building we were capturing.

Meditative, Environmental, Class and Teaching

A practice is a combination of all these factors - The Yoga Space experience makes you realise how much - we like to think we caught what it has to offer everyone.