MINDBODY Website for Yoga Website in Responsive Design Showing Cart

The Yoga Space Website Design

The Yoga Space presented a number of challenges, with the most significant being a set of dark images and only a primary green and beige to serve as a brand guideline.

“...We recognised the authenticity and welcoming attitude of our centre and loved being so involved in the design that presented this - showing off our lovely building, to setting out the new MINDBODY pricing - a great job… and ongoing support from the technical team....”

Nichi Green, Founding Owner, The Yoga Space


The dark green and light brown colours were a good starting point having established a general concept with the owner of an earthy and authentic character. We went about finding complimentary colours that would add to the page templates and functional elements that would surround the bright colours and sunshine we expected to expose through a future photo and video shoot.

  • Introduced 25 additional colours for functional elements, such as timetables, forms and call-to-actions.
  • Introduced three new font families for titles, body and functional elements, along with usage guidelines through our digital designs.
  • Updated the logo design to reinforce the name and reduce the screen estate required.
  • Created watermark illustrations to subtlety reinforce the brand within background images.
  • Use of imagery we shot of the building was blended in to digital design - such as stained glass in windows, ceiling design in confirmation pages, flooring perspectives down forms, deities or meditative mudras in entry points.
  • New Favicon.

MINDBODY Site Configuration

As one of the early adopters in 2006, the MINDBODY Site had been built on small additions over time, and required a major re-alignment or retirement - easy to see when the MINDBODY API exposed all that was not hidden from consumer mode.


We advised on the correct method to re-align the class descriptions to new types and service categories, along with new pricing options and ways in which to work better with teachers, whilst providing better options with students in order to improve retention.

Responsive Design

Outside of the standard responsive designs YogaWebsite delivers out the box, additional key features included:

  • Responsive Call-to-Action slider on the home page to show off the image whilst still presenting the message and a button big enough for the range of devices (three mobile responsive viewports were deployed).
  • New two-up designs were applied to create a better mobile user experience on news and teacher grids.
  • Simplified navigation with a large cull on options at each tier.
  • Custom blog filtering and navigation systems.

Mindbody Integration

Application of images to the standard form designs within My Account, Registration, Cart, Pricing and Login to engage users and reinforce brand concept.

New filter controls provided for predictive searching of large lists, such as counties, class or workshop types.

Ongoing Support and Training

Full Administration Guide with asset production guidelines.


Rather than presenting a general training program, adhoc shared-desktop training as and when power users were ready to take on a new area of publication, which also present best practise in relating areas, such as MINDBODY, social marketing, security, and SEO.

Ongoing SEO

Deep SEO techniques applied to new service pages.

Ensuring all traffic was retained for key service pages from the old website to the new website.

Mobile Usability Testing pass of 100% on page templates.