The Yoga Space Video Production for Mobile Networks

Video Editing & Post-Production

Having shot the footage for the Yoga Space Experience video, our team went on to product the video, taking 3.5-hours of footage and distilling it in to 3.5-minutes.

“...I think this really added to the web design … it....”

Nichi Green, Founding Owner, The Yoga Space

Capturing the Mood

  • Working with Nichi Green, the owner, we selected the music, kindly licensed by Laraaji.
  • Fast movements were gently slowed to emphasize the flow.
  • Eight transitions were chosen and applied to the led class or Mysore class to suit the footage change and journey through each practice.

Blending of Various Styles of Footage in to Two Distinctive Journeys

  • Introducing the scenes (Led Class and a Mysore) with text overlays matching the website fonts and title styling.
  • Fades and transitions to enhance the movement of the practise and engage the viewer.
  • Flares were added to the many existing for continuation through pans and tracks.

Visual Effects to Emphasize the Setting

  • Enhanced lighting when cooler colours reflected in to the lens.
  • Colour grading to envelope the change in light, as sun's rays disappeared.
  • Lens blurs to focus the attention or dissolve out for another scene.

Video Encoding for Desktop & Mobile Networks

  • Encoding with the perfect video settings for the mediums to be used.
  • Ensuring the video streamed HD quality when possible.
  • Streaming smoothly over mobile networks.

Specialist Channel Publishing and Playback Controls

  • Customising the player by matching the brand colours and decluttering the display.
  • Ensuring no advertising through our channel.
  • Perfectly framed for playback in the website, and responsive to any sized device.

Watch the Full Video

Watch the full version of our video for The Yoga Space