Shooting Video at The Yoga Space for YogaWebsite

Shooting Video for TYS

Due to the beautiful environment of the old Baptist School and Church with its unusual features for a or an organ, alter and stained glass window, we knew we needed to make more of this, and present the ethereal setting to new visitors to the website and present the experience.

“...The shooting really got the feel of the centre. Very pleased with the results.....”

Nichi Green, Founding Owner, The Yoga Space

The Video Footage Concept

To present the experience a student should expect at the Yoga Space for potential students to view within the website homepage. Briefly introducing the building, whilst setting the tone for the delivery of an evening led class before progressing on to the more advanced morning Mysore Self-Practise Class - taking in the sun as its setting and finishing the video as its rising.

Knowledge of the Practice

Both classes were real, with real students - ensuring total authenticity. Without a storyboard to follow, a deep knowledge of the practice and the teaching of it was required to shoot the footage:

  • Angle to shoot from to capture the next posture with faces showing.
  • Panning or tracking to use through the posture.
  • When in the practise is it best to use a particular shot to capture the light streaming in or close ups for concentration, rest, meditation.

Letting the Light In

With large stained glass windows and a detached building, we were amazed at how dark the image assets had been on the previous website, so went in with key objectives:

  • Retain angles with the sun showing.
  • Track when flares are apparent.
  • Pan to contrast the shadows against the sun reflecting on varnished  oak floor.