MINDBODY Re-Invented:

A New User Journey

Giving Better Analytics

Improved Experience

Cross-sale Workshops

Richer Content

YogaWebsite Re-Invents the MINDBODY API

The Must Have’s of Any MINDBODY Integration

  • Present classes, workshops and therapies with rich content.
  • Allow sign-up to each of these items without widgets or leaving the site.
  • Provides product purchasing and full account management.
  • Analytics on user journeys, highlighting areas for improvement.
  •  Publish to social channels with commenting back to YOUR website.

Unique User Journeys

Our expertise offers a much richer experience typically offered to a user of a website developed with the MINDBODY API. We present what they want to see when they want to see it - increasing the prospect of teaching them.

Workshop Cross-Sale & Pricing

Within the MINDBODY API, we noticed workshops are presented in a basic list. So we have greatly improved this by listing them with classes, with image and video content, faqs, payment options and more. You can even cross-sell related workshops within a class.

A yogini in prayer for better SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

A standard integration comes with a list of class descriptions running down a page - very low SEO per class. We hope you never feel the need to dedicate a practice to your website's SEO. Each of our classes, workshops, retreats, teachers, therapies come with the following:

  • Full tagging through the site between all content.
  • Entice users to explore with roll-overs.
  • Full descriptions in metadata.
  • Full keywords in metadata.
  • Full SEO title in page source.
  • ....AND full title in URL

True optimisation, before we even talk Google Analytics.

yogawebsite with seo meta data and friendly url

Social Media Hub

Bring your students back to your website - let them read your Call-to-Actions over Mark Zuckerberg.

  • One click & blog posts publish to social channels.
  • Image and description display.
  • Social users click the link to return to YOUR website.
  • Social media and blog commenting are aggregated.
  • Sharing buttons on blogs and MINDBODY pages.
  • YOUR website is the hub again - more comments, more visits.

Performance Enhancing Capabilities

Experts in more than just web development, our team has advanced each area of YogaWebsite beyond any other website powered by MINDBODY.

Page Download Speed in Milliseconds

The Future

We’re not stopping here. Your students deserve more. Our new features list is growing nearly as quickly as we’re developing them.