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Recognise Revenue Sources with Google Analytics

“...We've delivered Google Analytics to large beauty brands since 2006, its time wellness businesses used this to its full potential.....”

May 15, 2015 / Cart/Signup, Marketing, Social, Unique

Recognise Revenue Sources with Google Analytics

Ever wonder which campaign sources deliver which purchases, and through which journey they arrive… or drop-off! With our unique purchase journey, Google Analytics can show you which purchases are dropping off, and from which sources - does Facebook actually work for your workshops?

Using the new cart confirmation page, users are taken through a much more natural journey that they are used to - and that remains stable on all mobile devices today and on the next O/S upgrade. However, the key is how we track the purchase and report on this key performance indicator - the purchase. Not only do we know which campaign delivered this user, but we also know which failed - by campaign or product.