Richer Class Content

In-House Video Editing

Photographic Partners

Presenting Your Centre through Every Device

Retaining Your Existing Brand

  • Use your existing pallette...Or we can extend it for digital use.
  • Custom webfonts and design illustrations.
  • Editing new or existing image and video assets of your yoga center.
  • Right down to your custom Favicon.

Mobile Responsive

Why click “View Mobile”?

  • A website design for every device.
  • Automatically recognised.
  • Every page, a responsive design.
Website Design features for a better user experience displaying a CTA with responsive design, favicon, new colours and existing assets.

“22% of unique views on our latest website design for a Yoga Center were via tablets. This is why our interface is designed around tablets in landscape.“

Douglas Breaks, Consultant & Certified Yoga Teacher