“I like to practise in every center we work with and share the experience through the website design. Shooting video and photography with the website design in mind (see here for an example), I will surface the high-level requirements for your business and design a five-year roadmap to work to and realise through advanced SEO and Google Analytics that work alongside the fantastic KPI reporting MINDBODY includes showing what works….and what doesn’t.”

  • Yoga Alliance 200-Hours
  • MINDBODY University Alumni
  • User Interface Designer since 1994
  • BSc Degree in Computing with Human Factors
  • Microsoft Certified Professional in Customer Relationship Management
  • Microsoft SureStep in Agile and Waterfall Project Management for Application Development
  • Largest Website Consultation – Grayling – Public Relations – 32 Local Market Websites, 16-Languages, 4-Scripts
  • Google Analytics since 2006 for International Brands
  • Adobe Expert


"My main focus is to make sure our websites talk to everything they need, from creating our own community with commenting aggregating from Facebook blog posts, or workshop promotions on twitter, through to all of Google’s important tools to gain the best audience reach by removing their penalties, such as the User Experience algorithm."

HASSAN SAID – Front-End Lead

“I love making it easy for users to register, signup and engage with our call-to-actions. Making the MINDBODY lists filter and relate using the latest jQuery and responsive best practise certainly sets our sites apart from others out there.”

DAVID ATKINSON – Service Manager

“Our support team excel in working with a customer of any size or expertise. We tailor our admin and contributor guides per site, and then test them as a form of training within the team, so our technicians know when the CMS has been customised or if a new user control has been put in place. Our remote desktop support really removes the fear factor from our users and serves as adhoc training too.”

STANLEY FRASER – Content Manager

“Our websites are launched with a high-level of polish, my job is to work with this our customers to make sure this content continues to stay fresh, well formatted, educational, without incurring Google Penalities."