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YogaWebsite for MINDBODY displayed on a Smartphone
User-interfaces for Yoga Studios and Yoga Centers
YogaWebsite for MINDBODY displayed on a Smartphone

Introducing Our Wellness Website Solution

Landing Pages Display The Booking Options

Products Have Their Own Page, Analytics & T+C’s

The Most Advanced Cart With Gift Cards & Credit On Account

Dedicated Order Confirmation For Google Analytics

A Better Journey with Improved Insights

Call-to-Actions, SEO and Analytics are “out-the-box”

YogaWebsite for MINDBODY displayed on a Smartphone

YogaWebsite Improves Yoga Studios Interactions with
Students Teachers Owners Google Mindbody

YogaWebsite for MINDBODY displayed on a Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop, presenting common user-interfaces for Yoga Studios and Yoga Centers.

YogaWebsite is a website solution that is fully integrated with MINDBODY for the booking of classes, workshop enrolments, and appointments. A core set of templates have been designed for the large Yoga Center, smaller Yoga Studios and freelancing Yoga Teachers and therapists.

Each core template is formed of high performing, mobile-friendly and attractive pages that are customised to engage new students, track their journeys, and present perfect analytics on conversions, drop-offs and campaign success.

YogaWebsite is designed by a certified yoga teacher & Ashtanga practitioner who is also certified as a MS CRM MCP, MINDBODY Approved Developer & BSc User Interface Designer since 1996.

Gingi Lee practising qigong at The Shala Yoga Center, followed by Gingi Lee in a qigong class in The Shala Yoga Center.

“Working with someone that knows what we do as yoga teachers and owners of a yoga center has been a real help - and the results speak for themselves... its the best website we’ve seen for a yoga centre... especially a yoga website for MINDBODY.

-Gingi Lee